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Oral-B® Pulsonic® Sonic Toothbrush

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Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush
Sonic technology in our slimmest form.

Pulsonic is Oral-B's slimmest and lightest sonic toothbrush.

  • So slim, it makes your bathroom seem bigger
  • Light in your hand and gentle on your teeth and gums
  • Quiet for soft and inconspicuous brushing
  • Two-Week White - Whitens teeth by reducing up to 94% of surface stains in two weeks
  • Helps you brush for two minutes


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Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush Features

  • Sonic technology: With more than 27,000 vibrations per minute to drive them, Pulsonic’s bristles clean and promote naturally whiter teeth
  • Thin Precision bristles: Promote naturally whiter teeth by gently polishing off surface stains
  • Professional timer: Subtle two-minute timer with 30-second intervals makes it easy to track how long you’ve been brushing each quadrant of your mouth and helps you reach the dental expert-recommended brushing time
  • Two customized brushing modes
    • Clean: Provides effective plaque removal and cleaning of your teeth
    • Sensitive: Offers gentle care of your gums and other sensitive areas
  • Exclusive custom brush head design
    • Pulsonic Brush Head: Contours your teeth to provide an effective clean while remaining gentle on teeth and gums
    • Precision Tip Brush Head: Cleans between teeth in hard-to-reach areas—where stains start—and is also ideal for cleaning around dental work with its Interspace® design
  • Rechargeable: No need to replace batteries

Oral-B Pulsonic Sonic Toothbrush Details

One brush head (Oral-B Pulsonic , Oral-B Precision Tip)
Charger with stand
One rechargeable battery


Limited Warranty:
Warranty includes replacement or repair. Consumer must ship product, postage paid, and include a copy of proof of purchase. See inside of product package for full details.


Handle colors: Gray/white
Brush head types: Oral-B Pulsonic, Oral-B Precision Tip
Series: Pulsonic
Power source: Rechargeable battery
Battery life: Up to two weeks without recharging

*Contents may not be available in all models.
Oral-B<sup>®</sup> Pulsonic<sup>®</sup> Sonic Toothbrush 3.1 5 35 37
very good except when it isn't worked fine for a little over a year. then I couldn't get it to turn on. let it sit for a week and tried again. now I can't get it to turn off. ! October 15, 2014
You can't get replacement brushes My first one quit less than a year in, I had replacement brushes so I bought a second, now the only way to get replacement brushes is to order online. When this one quits I am going with another company in the hopes it's more consumer friendly. September 27, 2014
Can't find a replacement battery... Great product and really made a difference on my next dental checkup. I have had the product almost two years now and I can tell that the product is not holding a charge like it once did. I can't seem to find a replacement battery anywhere on the internet. I hate to have to buy a new one but rechargeable batteries are not infinite as we all know. September 3, 2014
Love the toothbrush, but can't find replacement heads We didn't have trouble finding replacement heads at our supermarket in the beginning, but now we can't find them anywhere. We resorted to buying another model of an Oral-B just to avoid the hassle of hunting online, but I just don't like our new model as much. When we first got the Pulsonic, we actually got compliments from the hygienist on how much cleaner our teeth were! When she asked what we were doing differently, I couldn't believe that I was the one recommending a product to the dental staff--it is that good. So I decided to go back to it, which means having to go online to hunt down the replacement heads. Maybe this would not be an issue if you guys didn't have so many different rechargeable electric toothbrushes. Retailers only have so much shelf space in the stores for the different brushes and all the different replacement heads. For a brief moment, we thought we spotted some replacement heads that would fit, but when we read the back of the package, it specifically mentioned that they do not fit the Pulsonic. This frustration is making me not like your product, which I don't want to do--I want to keep liking it! But truly, you have a bunch of different rechargeable electric toothbrushes--is this necessary? Really?? You should get rid of at least half of them, and focus on improving the quality of the ones that consumers like the most, and then make it convenient for getting replacement heads. I read all the other Pulsonic reviews, and although my toothbrush works fine, I shared a lot of the frustration and agreed with some of the suggestions. So for these reasons, my rating averages out to 3 stars. August 19, 2014
brush heads won't stay on I've had the Pulsonic approximately one year and now the brush heads won't stay on. I've replaced the brush heads twice and not a fix. Otherwise it's an excellent brush, but it's difficult to brush when the brush heads pop off in your mouth. August 8, 2014
Great Product I have had this toothbrush for several years and have not had a single problem. Having a little trouble finding replacement heads this time, but see they can be ordered. I would recommend this product to others. August 7, 2014
COOL SEXY CRAZY Yup. That's the order of this product. 1st - It's cool for it's simplicity design. 2nd - It's sexy showing it off during use. Until, it's CRAZY (it won't SHUT OFF: NO MATTER WHAT); and then some - it's SCREECHES! Just crazy! And no where, I mean NO WHERE are any instructions, warnings, or signs where/how to fix this. You *CAN'T* turn it off, and the ONLY hope you have is to "LET IT DIE" , but HOW LONG CAN THAT TAKE? No where in the Manual, Online - has the answer. The ONLY answer for it to STOP, is to place it back on the Charger (Charging). But soon as you take it off, IT'S CRAZY! A Catch-22 This is the ONLY Sonic-Electric toothbrush I found pleasing to the eye/design. I only wished it was 1/2 as good as the manual instructed. No such red light, flashing light, warning light went. ORAL B : Please fix this problem . Or better yet, ANSWER THE QUESTION: When CRAZY MODE: How do you SHUT IT OFF? :/ July 19, 2014
Works fantastic, less bulky than others 3 in my house, never had a problem. As good if not better than sonicare less bulky more convenient, looks and feels like a regular toothbrush. Unlike sonicare, it's easy to travel with, & fits in most toothbrush holders I've gone away as long as 4 days without charger and it hasn't died on me yet, even if it did, May 31, 2014
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