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Oral-B ProfessionalCare® 8900 DLX OxyJet® Center

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Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush

oral-b products
Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX OxyJet Center

Oral irrigator with innovative micro-bubble technology.

The Oral-B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX OxyJet Center combines the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX power toothbrush and an oral irrigator with innovative micro-bubble technology. The OxyJet irrigator mixes air and water, then pressurizes it to form millions of micro-bubbles designed to attack plaque bacteria.

  • Was shown to improve gingival health when used together with tooth brushing in an eight-week clinical study
  • Was shown to prevent the development of gingivitis significantly better than a conventional irrigator
  • Helps you brush for two minutes
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Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX OxyJet Features

OxyJet Irrigator

  • Unique spiraling stream: Allows for easy penetration below the gum line
  • Gently pulsating mono stream: Lets you pinpoint food debris
  • Convenient dial: Puts you in control of the water pressure
  • Large water beaker: Stores 20 fl. oz (600 mL) of water
  • Four color-coded nozzles: Color coding so family members have their own nozzle


ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX Electric Toothbrush

  • Unique 3D Cleaning Action: 40,000 pulsations per minute loosen plaque and 8,800 oscillations per minute sweep it away
  • Two customized brushing modes
    • Clean: Provides everyday plaque removal
    • Sensitive: Offers a gentle yet thorough brushing of your teeth and gums
  • Compact round brush head: Inspired by dental professionals to surround each tooth for a thorough clean
  • A complete oral care system with three dentist-inspired attachments
    • Precision Clean Brush Head: Surrounds each tooth for a deep clean
    • Dual Clean Brush Head: Combines two brushing motions for total cleaning, freshening and gum care
    • Sensitive Brush Head: Provides thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums with extra soft bristle texture
  • Professional timer: Two-minute timer with 30-second intervals makes it easy to track how long you’ve been brushing each quadrant of your mouth and helps you reach the dental-recommended brushing time
  • Pressure sensor: Stops pulsations when you brush too hard
  • Unique three-bristle system
    • Precision Clean bristles: Bend for gentle brushing
    • Long Interdental Tip bristles: Clean deep between teeth
    • Indicator® bristles: Fade halfway to signal when to replace your brush head.
  • Brush head storage: Ensures proper hygiene for four brush heads
  • Replace brush head alert: Signals when you need a replacement
  • Rechargeable: No need to replace batteries
  • Full and low-charge indicators: Let you know when to charge your brush

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 8900 DLX OxyJet Details

Three brush heads (Oral-B Precision Clean, Oral-B Dual Clean, Oral-B Sensitive)
Four water jets
Storage unit with charger
One rechargeable battery


Limited Warranty:
Warranty includes replacement or repair. Consumer must ship product, postage paid, and include a copy of proof of purchase. See inside of product package for full details.



Handle colors: White/royal blue
Brush head types: Oral-B FlossAction, Oral-B Precision Clean, Oral-B Pro White, Oral-B Sensitive, Oral-B Dual Clean, Oral-B Power Tip, Oral-B Ortho, Braces Care Essentials, Oral-B Tongue Freshener
Series: ProfessionalCare
Model: 8900 DLX OxyJet
Power source: Rechargeable battery
Battery life: Up to two weeks

*Contents may not be available in all models.

Oral-B ProfessionalCare<sup>®</sup> 8900 DLX OxyJet<sup>®</sup> Center 3.3 5 12 13
Hose is a disaster I am on my third product. The hose cracks after 18 months to two years, always in the same place, namely at the bottom where it comes out of the holder. Design fault and wrong material. I am absolutely surprised this has not been rectified. The product therefore becomes an expensive luxury. Doubtful that I will buy another one. Will look around for something else. Otherwise fine. February 27, 2015
Love this Maybe we've just been lucky but ours has lasted about 6-7 years. The top finally snapped off but it still works perfect. I kind of want it to break so we can justify replacing it. We love it so much!!! November 19, 2014
Clogs up after a year, and pipe leaks I think this is a great product, but it only lasts about 2 years. I've had at least 5. They need to introduce a cleaning program to flush the system or let you take it apart to clean the jet wash. The pipe also springs little holes eventually which is when I buy a new one! November 15, 2014
Great even though the hose cracks and I can't even find another to buy This is my second, the first hose cracked in a year or so, the other just a week ago. It seems to depend on how far you have to pull and twist the irrigator unit. The pressure problem is usually the little filter in the stem of the rotator head. You tap it on the counter and pluck the stuff out with a toothbrush bristle. The socket it plugs into also gets grody and needs to be cleaned and flushed occasionally. The whole thing needs to be cleaned every time to keep from becoming disgusting. The reservoir needs to be washed with the dishes to keep it clean and the valve in the bottom functioning. The socket that valve fits into on the unit needs to be cleaned with a q-tip. I also run the water out after each use. Not a good idea to use mouthwash in it unless you make sure you run water through afterward. Yes it's worth all this and more. I'm going to find some sort of hose somewhere, maybe a hobby shop? October 14, 2014
Good Product Product is excellent but the hose doesn't last and replacements are nearly impossible to buy. September 9, 2014
Best on the market I have owned one of these for more years than I can remember. I have used it consistently that whole time. I have looked all along for another one for another room and compared them to what I have. Anything else I could find was bigger and bulkier and was not made to hang on the wall up and out of the way. Ample water capacity without wasting space on your counter. July 9, 2014
Oral B Oxyjet - Great product / expensive replacement We love this product & are a family of Oral B users - brushes, floss, washes etc. We have purchased (3) Oral B Oxyjet's in the last 5 years or so. Why? Unfortunately the product fails in the same place each time. The coiled white plastic line into the irrigator is very fragile and even though we take great care not to stretch it, it eventually breaks in exactly the same place. Our longest lasting unit has been this one - 16 months. Oh well might have to go and buy our 4th......... :-( June 27, 2014
very short hose life I have had the product about 2 years but have not used it much as I needed an extension lead to provided power near the basin. Just started to use it and the coiled hose cracked. This is clearly a design fault and I do not recommend purchase until this fault is acknowledged by the manufacturer and the hose upgraded. December 12, 2013
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Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush
  • Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush
  • Oral-B Professional Care 8900 Electric Toothbrush
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