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Manual Toothbrush Built in the USA

Oral-B® and NASCAR driver #39 Ryan Newman, have teamed up to to -celebrate the American workforce and American-built products, including the Oral-B Pro-Health® All-in-One manual toothbrush, which is built in Iowa City, Iowa. The first Oral-B manual toothbrush was assembled in the USA in 1949. Now, approximately one million toothbrushes are built every day at the Iowa City plant.
Take the pledge below to use an Oral-B® Pro-Health® All-in-One manual toothbrush,which is Built in the USA and show your support for our workforce.

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Oral-B Manual Toothbrushes Have Been
Built In The USA Since 1949

Oral-B's Iowa City plant is the largest toothbrush plant in the world. Approximately 1 million Oral-B manual toothbrushes are built at the plant by nearly 500 hardworking, committed people, including U.S. Veterans.These people take pride in building high-quality products that are engineered to perform and wanted to share their remarkable story with you. Watch, share, and show your support #OralbUSA. Oral-B toothbrushes Built in the USA include: Indicator, Complete Deep Clean, Complete Scope, Complete 5-Way Clean, 3DWhite Vivid. Pro-Health Gentle Clean, Pro-Health Superior Clean, Pro-Health Vitalizer, Pro-Health All-in-One, Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex.

Brushes Built in Iowa Today

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Help Support Our Veterans Rejoin the American Workforce

Oral-B is pledging $100,000 to Hope For The Warriors® to assist U.S. service members' reintegration into the workforce. Through specially-designed programs, the organization helps veterans develop professional skills and enhance their ability to navigate the transition into the civilian sector, including new careers, business ownership and advanced educational opportunities. Oral-B encourages you to join in support of Hope For The Warriors. To learn how you can help, visit

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