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Oral-B® Complete Deep Clean Ultra Floss ®

If you have never flossed before, or if you need help flossing correctly, try Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Ultra Floss. It helps you start flossing the right way with premeasured strands and special fibers that stretch thin to fit between teeth but spring back to clean away plaque.

  • Changes shape to fit between your teeth, then expands to clean wide gaps
  • Helps you learn exactly how much to use


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  • Interlocking network of stretchy nylon fibers
    • Changes shape to fit your teeth
    • Stretches thin to fit in between teeth, then expands to fill gaps
  • Premeasured 18-inch strands: Give you the added convenience of knowing exactly how much to use
  • Mint or regular flavor: Provides an option for different tastes

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